King County Sheriffs on a roll

Good weather brings many more visitors to our regional trails. The Sammamish River Trail near Redmond for example has an average of over 2,600 daily visitors, even more in the summer!

With this increase in trail traffic it’s important that people understand the etiquette and trail rules to reduce conflicts. In an effort to educate trail visitors and make sure everyone is staying safe and sharing the trail, King County Sheriffs visited the Marymoor Connector Trail and the East Lake Sammamish Trail this week.

Besides talking to trail visitors and encouraging good behavior, they also took time to make sure everyone was obeying the stated 15 mph speed limit. Keeping our trails safe for all ages and abilities.

One thought on “King County Sheriffs on a roll

  1. Ha! The Tour de France wannabees own this trail! You should set up a radar between Woodinville and Redmond some Saturday and see your yourselves! We hikers and walkers are continually cursed and fingered by these scofflaws. And don’t get me started about the speeding E bikes..

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