Random Photo Post: Shy Bear Trail, Cougar Mountain

Every year for the holidays, anonymous elves decorate a tree in Cougar Mountain Regional Wildlife Park. Thank you, elves, for making our holidays a little brighter (and for leaving no trace when it’s over)!

@ Work So You Can Play: Grand Ridge

Prep work underway for a new rock turnpike on the Water Tower Loop Trail at Grand Ridge. Staff are prepping the area for work parties with our peeps the Washington Trails Association (WTA). Want to join in the fun? You can bring your pumpkin spice latte.

#OptOutside in 28,000 Acres

Today is as good as any other to be outside. Yesterday should have given you plenty of motivation, as well as pie, and more than likely, regrets. Come on out and run, walk, hike or play out in Your Big Backyard. We don’t have to have awkward political conversations out here. #OptOutside